For Diesel, Gasoline, and
2-Stroke Vehicles

NMF in trucks, cars, motorcycles

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a revolutionary product for the educated vehicle owner


The natural state in machines is a bonding (positive-negative) electrical relationship which draws parts together in harmful wear and causes residue to adhere to parts.  NMF reduces wear, improves efficiency, and cleans engines/injectors by converting that electrical relationship into one which is repelling (negative-negative).   



Clean parts

Reduced friction and wear

Extended oil life

Smooth shifting

Lower temperatures

Improved efficiency

Less vibration 



Engine  •  Fuel • Hydraulics  • Transmission   •   Differentials  •  Hubs   •   Power Steering   •   Greased Joints   •  Gears

* New engines need friction for proper piston ring seating; apply NMF after break-in 

* Powerstroke 6.0Ls have a problematic defect; read information at